The English Morris Folk Dance side of  North Walsham, Norfolk, England


Worstead Festival 2000


eavers Morris was formed in 1995 for the purpose of both recreational fun and serious fund raising to support good causes.
We now number some twenty adult dancers and musicians, as well as a Junior team called "Spinners Morris", based at North Walsham High School.

eavers Morris is a mixed side. We dance mainly Cotswold tradition and some of our own.
Practise is held weekly on Mondays 7.30pm - 9pm in the school hall from September through to May. We are then let loose for public entertainment during the summer

Why Weavers Morris ?. North Norfolk was famous in the medieval period for the weaving industry.

We wear Gold, Blue and Red Baldricks, White shirts, Black breeches and Black shoes

The symbol for our badge is taken from the emblem of the Weavers Guild.
A Lion with a shuttle in it's mouth.


If you would like to join us as a Dancer or Musician (Beginner or Experienced) Contact any group member, or the Squire : Neville Lee.
Work Telephone 01692 402581 or E-Mail :